E-learning courses

Filistos ASCOT is proud to announce the launch of our soft skills e-learning courses. Each module is between 10 and 20 minutes with a brief test at the end, assessing what the attended has comprehended from the course. Upon successful completion of the module a “certificate of attendance”  is issued, always under Bureau Veritas accreditation.

The administration process for the courses is easily conducted through the ACT online platform.

Course and Module Titles

Mental Health AwarenessModule No.1 Mental Health and Mental Illness
Module No.2 Depression
ModuleNo.3 Stress and Anxiety
Module No.4 Suicide
Module No.5 Fatigue and Burnout
Module No.6 Work Related Stress
Module No.7 Paranoid Ideation
Module No.8 PTSD
Leadership and TeamworkModule No.1 Psychological Safety and Teamwork
Module No.2 Leadership and Teamwork
Module No.3 Communication
Module No.4 Feedback and Team Belonging
ResilienceModule No.1 What is Stress
Module No.2 What is Resilience
Module No.3 Problem-Solving
Module No.4 Keeping Things into Perspective
Module No.5 Changes are Part of Living
Module No.6 Positive Communication
Bullying and Harassment Awareness
Cultural Awareness
Situational Awareness


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For a demo of our courses please do not hesitate to contact us in info@ascot-consulting.net