We provide applicable and tailor-made consulting services to our clients in respect to their human capital. Specifically, we assist organizations to:

  • Assess and identify organizational strengths and areas of improvement

  • Develop plans for employee retention

  • Plan and implement effective interventions tailored to unique needs

  • Propose viable solutions aiming to increase and maintain efficiency, productivity and safety


The knowledge for living a meaningful and inspired life is already within you, all you need to do is tap in and reconnect with the version of yourself that is creative, capable and fulfilled.

In Filistos ASCOT SA’s Personal Development Workshops, expert facilitators, who coach around the world, help you see the bigger picture, unlocking the essential tools you need to journey on your true path.

Through fun, engaging and impactful exercises, our expert facilitators guide you to acknowledge your most promising attributes as a unique individual and clarify your goals.

The skills you will learn apply to every area of your life and can be used in all situations, since the decision to improve and re-balance one aspect inevitably ripples through all other areas too. Every day we continue to evolve, and, through our workshops, you will discover how to keep moving in the direction that you want to go in, by becoming aware of your multi-faceted potential, accessing it, and experiencing the power of being fully present.

Psychological and Social Risk Management

Psychological and Social risks are constituted from organizational factors including aspects of the design and management of work, lack of supportive relationships, job insecurity or company culture that have the potential for causing psychological or physical harm to employees. Societal or sectoral factors, such as a highly competitive climate or an economic recession have been identified by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work as factors that can have an aggravating effect on psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Exposure to psychosocial risk factors at work may result in a heightened state of work-related stress, which negatively impacts employee’s skills and efficiency in performing tasks. It can also have adverse organizational impacts on work-team relations, quality of  work, absenteeism,  employee  turnover, customer satisfaction and  employee’s  compensation  claims. Filistos ASCOT SA’s Psychosocial Risk Management represents a systematic process within the organizational context that can contribute positively to employees’ well-being, health and productivity as well as to organizational performance and growth.

Critical Incident Stress Response (CISR)

CISR is an International intervention protocol developed by the Critical Incident Stress Foundation Inc., specifically designed to assist people who were exposed, witnessed or affected by a traumatic or critical incident either in the workplace or in their personal lives. Following a critical event, employees often do not operate at a high level of efficiency having a direct or indirect impact on an organization’s Productivity, Performance and Profitability.

In the workplace a critical incident may include an armed robbery, threats of violence, accidents, explosion, death of a colleague, downsizing, reductions in salaries, reorganizations, mergers or other workplace transitions. In their personal lives, employees may experience a death in the family, diagnosis of a life threatening illness, abuse, divorce, loss of employment, natural disasters etc. Companies, on an International level, include CISR in their Crisis & Security Management and to their Business Continuity & Recovery Plan.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation in the Workplace

Conflict is an inevitable aspect of any organization’s existence. If we calculated the amount of time, energy, and resources wasted on unresolved conflicts in the workplace, we would need to include in our accounting equation, indirect factors such as productivity losses due to poor morale, gossip at the water cooler, distractions, absenteeism, employee attrition, stress related medical conditions, employee’s compensation, theft, sabotage, violence, and lawsuits. Additionally, we would have to add the significant costs associated with destroyed relationships and even include the loss of public confidence an organization endures when it has been accused of having unsafe working conditions and practices.

Filistos ASCOT SA’s Conflict Resolution & Mediation in the Workplace Service is a well-designed intervention that can have a transformative impact on the quality of life of a company’s workforce, on the overall health and well-being of an organization, as well as on its bottom line. It is strategically tailored and customized to support the needs of an organization and it consists of three multidimensional interrelated components that are essential to its success:

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Training for Managers: developing competencies to manage conflict at early stages and resolve daily disputes in the workplace
  • Independent Third-Party Intervention: Workplace Mediation by external certified Workplace Mediators
  • Policies & Procedures: improve an organizations’ ability to constructively manage and minimize the harmful effects of conflict in the workplace.

Employee Support

Filistos ASCOT SA’s Employee Support & Counseling Model integrates services to employers and their employees to alleviate psychosocial, psychological and work-related behavioral issues which negatively impact on work and personal wellbeing and productivity. Empowering the human capital with solution focused approaches and with strengthening skills results in adequate preparation to deal with day to day challenges within or outside the workplace.

Filistos ASCOT SA can support you to address areas such as conflict, coping with change, stress, relationship issues, financial or legal matters, balancing work and family, critical incidents and mental or physical illness, etc. Ongoing consultation to the employer and qualitative-quantitative evaluation of the program outcomes constitute the business case for the value of our programs to the organization.

Filistos ASCOT’s Support team has also developed to innovative applications for employee support on social and psychological issues, SupportIn and Mental Health First Aid Interventions CASE.

Call Center

24/7 Help Line, On site psychologist and  Case Management services by Filistos ASCOT SA assist the seafarers and / or office personnel, their family members and the Management to develop all the appropriate skills required to deal with challenging and complex situations related to both the professional and personal life of the employer. They are based on the Cognitive Behavioral Treatment-CBT standard and are implemented by FILISTOS’s specialized psychologists and specialized experts,  network. Usual cases include : stress, depression, use of substances and other addictions (eg. Smoking), illness and loss of relatives, return to work after a health related leave due to serious mental illness, ineffective communication with customers and colleagues, etc.

The sessions are being conducted within a mutual trust framework, confidentiality and professional coherence.

In detail the services include :

  • 24/7 Help Line (free of charge call), including readily available psychologists of FILISTOS, who facilitate a first assessment of the case and if the seafarer is willing to, additional calls can be scheduled, in order to ensure a more fundamental assistance. If the specific case cannot be handled within the telephone assistance framework, then it will be referred to a specialized health unit. In case FILISTOS’s psychologist assesses that the seafarers’ support should be continued through face to face personal sessions, they can be arranged, for limited skype or other on-line service, sessions.
  • On site psychologist service. Pre-arranged personal sessions within the company’s protective environment.

Filistos ASCOT SA is the trusted partner to prominent organizations; provides the necessary tools and services in order to ensure long-term employee retention, sustainability, growth and safety.