Aviation - Assessment

Aviation – Assessment

At Filistos ASCOT SA we believe that employees are the most significant contributor to organizational growth and success.

We assist organizations to:

  • Recruit qualified employees that maximize business potential and safety
  • Retain competent personnel that ensures organizational productivity and efficiency
  • Identify areas of improvement and foster optimal behaviors, ensuring ongoing organizational development
  • Conquer Geographical and Cultural Barriers by administering multilingual questionnaires, ensuring highest reliability and validity. Our questionnaires are provided on ten (10) languages!

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of questionnaires, offering valuable insights to your organization, from recruitment to development and restructuring. Through our assessment tools, assorted organizational departments are assisted in:

  • Personnel Recruitment

  • Loyalty & Retention probability

  • Promotion

  • Restructuring

  • Management Assessment

  • Performance Evaluation

Our assessment tools are multilingual, provided in ten (10) languages; all can be customized to specific organizational needs and requirements for maximum usability.


TitleUse – BenefitsTypeDescription
Personality Behavioral Inventory (PBI) Promotions, Hiring, Psychological and Mental Health fitnessPsychological and Social Risks,
Soft-Skills & Resilience, Personality
PBI is the briefest personality tool in the field. It is the only one that contains scales about psychopathy, hopelessness, and sadistic behaviors, extremely useful for forensic and clinical evaluation. Furthermore, it evaluates separately alcohol and drugs addictive behaviors and tendencies. Also, it is the only inventory that separates somatic complaints into four categories, conversion, myoskeletal, head and neck, gastrointestinal and heart and chest.
Inventory for Personality Assessment (IPA)Promotions, Hiring, Psychological and Mental Health fitnessPsychological and Social Risks,
Soft-Skills & Resilience, Personality
IPA is the only inventory in the field that apart from personality and psychopathology factors, also contains problem-solving tactics evaluation factors.
CAPRE-DIEM OfficeHiring, Psychological and Mental fitness for dutyPsychological and Social RisksThe most complete test for Occupational Risk in the workplace, including 34 factors, divided into Psychosocial issues, Occupational and Interpersonal Factors.
WBEIPromotions, Hiringoft-Skills & ResilienceBased on elements provided by the Occupational Network Organization, WBEI evaluates behavioral attributes, which are considered to be important in the workplace.
FFPQPromotions, HiringPersonalityBased on the Five Factor theory of personality, it is the briefest test available. Besides the basic report, it provides reports regarding work placements and leadership skills.
Office ANCORPromotions, Hiring, Psychological and Mental Health fitnessPsychological and Social Risks,
Soft-Skills & Resilience, Personality
A holistic test that assesses the important qualities of personnel, covering personality, behavior, leadership, resilience, soft skills and psychosocial risks. (77 factors)
Workplace Performance and SatisfactionAnnual Performance EvaluationSoft-Skills & ResilienceEvaluates the current satisfaction and or possible problems of an employee in the workplace.
Business Focused InventoryHiring and PromotionPersonalityThe inventory is a practical, work-based questionnaire that is valuable for use at senior managerial levels.
It can be used as a self-report questionnaire, by others as a 360 evaluation.
The questionnaire includes four conceptual domains:
• Occupational Orientation: assesses work-specific motivation, this domain considers what motivates respondents in planning and shaping their career path and what they value in a job.
• Occupational Behavior: assesses the typical approach to work.
• Social Competencies: describes the style of interacting with other people.
• Psychological Constitution: assesses how the demands made by a range of tasks at work, impact on a person’s resilience and experience of emotional pressure.
Emotional Intelligence QuestionnairePromotionSoft-Skills & ResilienceBased on the main elements provided by the theories of Emotional Intelligence, it evaluates the control, and the express one’s emotions, which are considered to be important in the workplace.
Executive LeadershipPromotionSoft-Skills & ResilienceEvaluates specific leadership behaviors and provides a comprehensive report across three important levels: Self, Teams and Organization.
Work-Related StressMental Health need of AssistancePsychological and Social RisksThe only test that includes factors, which may initiate or increase Occupational Stress.
Resilience QuestionnairePromotion – TrainingSoft-Skills & ResilienceAssess every aspect of Resilience, based on Shell Handbook and elements essential for office personnel.
Ability ProfileCompetenceAbilityThe Aptitude and Ability Measures (AAM) consists of 9 aptitude and ability tests designed to meet the demands of occupational test users who seek high levels of reliability, validity and flexibility. Each of the 9 AAM tests can be used separately to test a subject’s ability level in any of the 9 areas represented. Alternatively, the complete test can be used to provide a detailed picture of his/her aptitude and abilities.


TitleUse – BenefitsDescription
Wellbeing SurveyWellbeing EvaluationThis form assists the crew manager and the organization to assess the wellbeing of the personnel and to identify areas of improvement.

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