Aviation Development Program

Numerous cases of fatal aircraft accidents have been noted as a result of human error, poor judgement, unstable mental health or miscommunication. Pilots and cabin crew members are required to operate under exceedingly high standards in a demanding environment. Filistos ASCOT SA offers an extensive portfolio of tools that thoroughly assess psychological aspects affecting efficiency and safety.

Filistos ASCOT SA’s questionnaires, consulting and training programs, created for the aviation industry, assess and develop areas like:

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Personality

  • Stress & Resilience

  • Decision-Making

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership and Communication

  • Teamwork

The areas assessed have been carefully selected following regulations and guidelines specified in, but not restricted to, European Association of Aviation Psychology (EAAP), Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18002) and Occupational Network (O*NET).

Meet our online assessment platform, ACT.

We offer employee insight at your fingertips by providing the complete portfolio of our assessment tools and online training modules through our innovative online platform, ACT.