The human capital is the most important factor for success of any organization. Our objective is to assist you in assessing, developing and retaining it.

Why use the Filistos ASCOT SA services?

Since the creation of Filistos ASCOT SA in  2006 , we are compliant with all regulations as well as best practices of the Maritime industry. Through our membership with INTERCARGO and the Human Element of INTERTANKO, we are at the forefront of the industry allowing us to be at the center of developments but also to enable our clients/partners to benefit from future-proof services.

Specifically our Seafarers Development Program will help maritime organizations cover a wide range of TMSA and BMS requirements, as listed below:

Seafarers Development Program

ASCOT assesses behavior, soft skills, resilience, ability, psychosocial risks and personality in the maritime industry. These factors have been demonstrated to improve retention, increase performance and lead to cost reduction at an individual, organizational and environmental level. The areas assessed have been carefully selected following regulations specified in, but not restricted to, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18002), Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA 3) Dry Bulk Management Service (BMS) and International Safety Management (ISM).

Our aim is to assist the maritime organization develop and maintain a strong safety culture. We offer questionnaires, training courses and consulting solutions for office personnel and seafarers. We are committed to assisting maritime organizations prevent costly incidents and  enhance welfare by assessing and developing the human capital.

Our portfolio of tools promotes:

  • Recruitment of the most suitable employees
  • Retention of competent personnel
  • Identification of areas for improvement

ASCOT’s questionnaires, consulting and training programs, developed for the maritime industry, assess and develop areas like:

  • Personality

  • Stress and Resilience

  • Retention

  • Soft Skills

  • Leadership and Communication

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Mental Health

  • Physiological Concerns

  • Decision-Making

  • Teamwork

Specifically, our holistic program for the Maritime Industry includes:

Pre-BoardingOnboardAfter de-embarkation
EvaluationMental / Psychological discomfort evaluation & interventionDebriefing
Problem identification Performance Appraisal for Ratings & OfficersSatisfaction Evaluation
Problem analysisTraumatic Events Problem Identification
Mental StatusEvaluation Problem Analysis
Teamwork Problem identification Consultation
Leadership Problem Analysis Soft-Skills Trainings & Workshops
Aptitude & AbilityInterventionsWellbeing Survey
Practical interventions Crisis Intervention System Management (CISM)
ConsultationSupport (individual & group) on seafarers and / or families
Soft-Skills Trainings & Workshops

Meet our online assessment platform, ACT.

We offer employee insight at your fingertips by providing the complete portfolio of our assessment tools and online training modules through our innovative online platform, ACT.

Filistos ASCOT SA is the trusted partner to prominent organizations; provides the necessary tools and services in order to ensure long-term employee retention, sustainability, growth and safety.