The human capital is the most important factor for success of any organization. Our objective is to assist you in assessing, developing and retaining it.


Improving employee’s abilities and  interaction is essential for every organization. This is the Training goal of Filistos ASCOT SA Training Programs and Workshops. Our training programs is developed to assist you empower your prime asset: your people. Our experienced trainers develop applicable and tailor-made seminars and workshops for enhancing your employees’ awareness, developing soft skills and improving teamwork.

Some training topics that Filistos ASCOT SA provides, include:

  • Stress and Resilience

  • Psychosocial Risks

  • Leadership & Communication

  • Cultural Diversity, Tolerance and Interpersonal Relations

  • Emotional Intelligence & Self-Awareness

  • Decision-making & Problem-solving

  • Soft Skills

  • Teamwork

Workshop & E-Workshop Titles

Course TitleWorkshope-workshop
1Anger Management
3Basic Principles about Hostage Situations
4Bulling in the Workplace
6Crisis Intervention & Safety Management
7Cultural Diversity
9Emotional Intelligence at Work
10Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
11Engagement in the Workplace
12Goal Setting & Achievement
14Leadership & Management
15Leadership & Teamwork
16Mental Health Awareness
19Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
20Psychosocial Risks-Safety Precautions
22Seafarer’s Wife Support Training
23Situational Awareness
24Stress Management
25Train the Trainer


Although workshops are extremely affective, they are not always possible. Filistos ASCOT SA’s e-learning courses are providing valuable information, in short, interactive modules, that the person can take separately. After the completion of each module the participant takes a brief test, to assess what he/she has learned.

After the completion of each course, a certificate of completion, accredited by the Bureau Veritas is provided.

The administration of the courses assigned and the monitor of the process for each participant, is done by ASCOT’s ACT online platform for maximum efficiency and convenience.

E-Learning Titles

Course TitleModules
Mental Health AwarenessModule No.1 Mental Health and Mental Illness
Module No.2 Depression
Module No.3 Stress and Anxiety
Module No.4 Suicide
Module No.5 Fatigue and Burnout
Module No.6 Work Related Stress
Module No.7 Paranoid Ideation
Module No.8 PTSD
Module No.9 Anger
Leadership and TeamworkModule No.1 Psychological Safety and Teamwork
Module No.2 Leadership and Teamwork
Module No.3 Communication
Module No.4 Feedback and Team Belonging
ResilienceModule No.1 What is Stress
Module No.2 What is Resilience
Module No.3 Problem-Solving
Module No.4 Keeping Things into Perspective
Module No.5 Changes are Part of Living
Module No.6 Positive Communication

  • Single Module Courses
  • Bullying and Harassment Awareness
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Problem-Solving
  • Situational Awareness