At Filistos ASCOT SA we believe that employees are the most significant contributor to organizational growth and success.

We assist organizations to:

  • Recruit qualified employees that maximize business potential and safety
  • Retain competent personnel that ensures organizational productivity and efficiency
  • Identify areas of improvement and foster optimal behaviors, ensuring ongoing organizational development
  • Conquer Geographical and Cultural Barriers by administering multilingual questionnaires, ensuring highest reliability and validity. Our questionnaires are provided on ten (10) languages!

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of questionnaires, offering valuable insights to your organization, from recruitment to development and restructuring. Through our assessment tools, assorted organizational departments are assisted in:

  • Personnel Recruitment

  • Loyalty & Retention probability

  • Promotion

  • Restructuring

  • Management Assessment

  • Performance Evaluation

Our assessment tools are multilingual, provided in eight languages; all can be customized to specific organizational needs and requirements for maximum usability.

Meet our online assessment platform, ACT.

We offer employee insight at your fingertips by providing the complete portfolio of our assessment tools and online training modules through our innovative online platform, ACT.