Monitor the status of Assignments sent, in real time

Do you wonder whether your potential examinees have received the automated email with the assignment(s) sent?

Now you can stop wonder! The latest update of the ACT platform allows you to monitor accurately and in real-time whether the assignment has been sent successfully, or not, whether the email has been opened and the link has been accessed.

You only need to go on the assignment page click on the assignment that you want to monitor, and you will be able to see the status of the email(s) sent. Alternatively, you can go to any individual examinee and monitor the status of the email sent from the questionnaire tab.

With this feature you can save time and stop wondering!

This is a feature that was proposed by companies that are using ASCOT’s ACT online platform.

If you have any suggestions about how to develop further our services, please do not hesitate to let us know at we are always striving to provide the best possible services for your convenience.


ASCOT Consulting and IDESS IT join forces to offer comprehensive seafarer assessment services

IDESS IT collaborates with ASCOT Consulting to produce a comprehensive suite of assessment tools for the maritime industry.

IDESS IT and ASCOT, have entered into an alliance, to offer clients a more comprehensive service covering the assessment of both knowledge and skills as well as behavioural attributes, by combining their respective resources.

IDESS IT is a training specialist with a track record covering more than 25 years in the assessment of crew competence, for recruitment screening, career development and skills retention. The management of these processes is facilitated by the IDESS IT portfolio of award winning software applications for continual learning. These include sEaLearn ( ), iTEST ( as well as CASys, (

ASCOT Consulting, established in 2003, is a leading specialist in psychometric assessment, consulting and training for the maritime industry. Having identified the need for a new approach to the practices currently used by the maritime industry, ASCOT has developed a suite of psychometric tests based on modern methodologies and criteria, determined from long experience working with H.R. practitioners and crew management professionals. The ACT online platform (, exclusively designed by ASCOT, is an application for screening, covering a broad range of psychometric parameters to assist with crew recruitment, retention, promotion, and performance.

The two companies will offer the market each other’s products with the common aim of providing the best software systems and tailor-made training and assessment services specifically for the shipping industry.

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